Fidelio are an Austrian footwear supplier producing premium wide fitting comfort footwear. The entire collection have removable insoles, allowing for easy insertion of an orthotic insole. The range is characterised by the use of soft leathers and soft leather lining.

Hallux by Fidelio supply wide fit comfort footwear with a twist! In 2006 Fidelio started producing shoes with a stretchable insert for ladies with bunions. These shoes and sandals have been approved by over 5000 Healthcare Professionals in the UK alone.Why is the correct footwear so important if you suffer from bunions?The right shoes can help to ensure that there will be no further deformation or damage.

The stretchable insert is softly padded which prevents severe pressure being placed upon the bunions, it adapts perfectly to the shape of each individual foot and the bunion visually disappears.

Sotline by Fidelio supply wide fit leather comfort sandals, in bright and attractive leather colours. Removable insoles allow for custom made orthotic insoles to be inserted on all styles. Softline use wide and deep lasts to allow the foot to be fully cradled and haveenough space for lasting comfort.

Joya - bliss for your back. Joya have received AGR certified back approval. Thanks to the soft and springy sole material the shoes in the Joya collection are a treat for stressed feet. Joya make hard surfaces feel soft and are ideal for numerous foot conditions such as plantar faschitis. In fact meanfeet are so convinced by Joya, that we challenge you to find a softer shoe available to buy.

Waldlaufer hard to say but easy to wear. German wide fit comfort footwear at affordable prices. removable insoles come as stardard as do a variety of widths.