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Q AND A with meanfeet owner Michael Woolf and accociate Podiatrist Sushila Patel, BSc dpomd, mchs.

Here at Meanfeet we make it our mission to solve your foot wear and foot care problems. Read our conversation between our CEO, Michael Woolf and our Associate Podiatrist,Sushila Patel

Meanfeet: Thanks so much Sushila for supporting us here at Meanfeet

Sushila: It’s a pleasure. I see my role as an important one, as an ambassador for the podiatry and chiropody industry, it’s crucial that I can advise and help in any way to avoid poorly fitting footwear and the problems that can arise from them. With carefully chosen shoes,sandals and slippers we can really help people to have a much better footwear experience and forget they even have painful bunions or painful feet.

Meanfeet: Let’s start at the beginning; what exactly is a bunion? How do you know for sure if you’ve got one?

Sushila:Podiatrists call this hallux abductovalgus.

Bunions are among the most common and most painful foot ailments. A bunion occurs when your big toe points toward your second toe, causing a bump or prominence to develop at the base of the big toe joint .It can widen the foot.

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Incidents are quite high.They affect more women than men, mostly because of footwear choice – unfortunately wearing high heels long term definitely can Increase the chances of developing bunions.

There are operations available for the most extreme cases but they are not always a suitable option, you must seek professional advice if you are considering this option

Meanfeet: So if you had to answer the question that we get all the time, - “what does bunion pain feel like”, – how would you start?

Sushila :When a bunion is painful at the acute stage it would be a throbbing pain, it could be a burning pain, and will be inflamed and swollen. There may be a corn, callus or blister on the bunion which will add to the discomfort.

Meanfeet: So, if I asked you for your top tips for soothing bunion pain and common bunion problems, what would they be?

Sushila: Come and see me every time!   But seriously, we want to take away any pressure from that bunion as it’s friction that will make it worse; I would say comfortable shoes, rest, and seek advice. See a Podiatrist.

Meanfeet:. From chatting to you, I know that you are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through easing the pain they have been experiencing, or putting up with, often for years at a time. I certainly know from the feedback we receive on our website by customers who feel the joy of walking comfortably again. It is more than just shoes, it can often be freedom. Just tell me a bit about how you see your patients, in relation to what you can offer them:

Sushila; my job is rewarding for me every single day but every once in a while I feel that I have been an important part in someone’s life and made a difference to them. If someone comes in in pain and walks out smiling then I have done my job or at least if we have a clear action plan for the treatment or management of their problem.

If you have painful feet and are unable to walk or go about your everyday normal duties then you will be miserable and your whole wellbeing can be affected.

Meanfeet: That’s really wonderful Sushila. Finally – Some people might think we are simply trying to put a spin on a product. What can you say that will really convince our customers that our ranges do not provide simply a short term “quick fix”, but a potentially lasting solution to pain from bunions?

Sushila: I have to admit that until we discovered Meanfeet we were finding it very difficult to suggest footwear for customers with sore and painful bunions and hammer toes. Your expert sourcing of the correct footwear has meant that we can offer a solution. For example, I often find that bunion-sufferers can have great difficulty finding shoes that fit, as the shape of the foot becomes so distorted. The Hallux sandal by Fidelio that you feature (Alice – ed) works by providing a stretchable pouch inside the sandal which can cushion the bunion, and relieve the pain. This soft leather pouch is incorporated into the design of the sandal so as to be virtually unnoticeable. But the results are the opposite - they are VERY noticeable!  

My customers have been giving the shoes glowing reviews

Meanfeet: That’s great to hear; thank you so much for your insight and expert advice. I know people can sometimes find foot problems embarrassing, so we really appreciate your professional endorsement.

Sushila: It’s no problem at all. You have no idea how fundamental to a person’s health and well- being it is to have the correct fitting footwear, healthy and happy feet. My job is to find out what the problems might be and create workable solutions for the patient – healthy, happy feet go a long way to healthy happy peace of mind!

  • The Hallux range by Fidelio has been developed in consultation with podiatrists to relieve the pressure and pain of bunions. This range is now recommended by over 2500 healthcare professionals.

Michael Woolf, Owner Meanfeet

Michael has been in the footwear industry for 25 years, sourcing, distributing, developing and marketing a wide

range of comfort footwear for international markets. With extensive experience within the industry and award winning customer service, your footwear needs are in excellent hands with Michael!

Sushila Patel BSC DPODM MCHS , Associate Podiatrist,

We are thrilled at Meanfeet that Sushila is providing an essential bridge between our customers – you – and our products, including bunion footwear. With Sushila’s professional knowledge and 29 years of experience, you can absolutely rely on impartial advice when it comes to issues with your feet