Welcome to Meanfeet, for the ultimate in stylish, comfortable, bunion relief, wide fitting footwear.   We stock a variety of brands which provide footwear solutions for commonly experienced problems such as bunions, wide fit shoes and orthotic/orthopaedic removable insoles.   We focus on sourcing the very highest quality footwear, and only promote shoes sandals and boots which we are confident will enhance your footwear experience.  We are expert led, and work closely with podiatrists and chiropodists to source the very best solutions for painful feet.  The last thing anyone needs is for footwear to slow you down!

Brand Showcase: Fidelio

We have worked with the Austrian wide fit bunion specialist Fidelio for many years now, as we feel it is the ultimate brand of comfort footwear to specialise in wide fit, orthopaedic and bunion relief footwear.  We stock 4 lines of Fidelio comfort footwear - Fidelio, Softline, Hallux and Fidelio Magic Stretch comfort and bunion shoes and sandals.

Fidelio footwear is suitable for anyone to wear, you don't need to have a medical requirement. Comfort is the key factor in our well made footwear. We have styles to suit wide feet as well as those with bunions.Footwear can have an effect on comfort and bunion development if you have a foot shape that is predisposed to bunion formation, due to the inherited shape of the foot. "Magic Stretch" line of Fidelio footwear has been proven as a comfortable solution for feet with sensitive bunions.

Expertise and Advice

We carry a variety of footwear which we believe provides a range of options for so called problem feet. We also provide an advice service with experts on hand to help identify what works best for you.  

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What causes a Bunion?

The most common cause is the shape of the foot. Your foot shape is something that you inherit. If you have an inherited abnormality of the bony structure, this can lead to an abnormal walking pattern. This in turn creates excessive force and pressure at the big toe joint which over time can develop into a bunion.Please view our video in which we explain the unique problem- solving ability of the patented Hallux bunion shoes. The video clearly demonstrates how the unique stretchable, padded insert cushions the bunion to make walking more comfortable and also reduces the appearance of painful bunions.

Fidelio are an Austrian footwear supplier producing premium wide fitting comfort footwear. The entire collection have removable insoles, allowing for easy insertion of an orthotic insole. The range is characterised by the use of soft leathers and soft leather lining.

Hallux by Fidelio supply wide fit comfort footwear with a twist! In 2006 Fidelio started producing shoes with a stretchable insert for ladies with bunions. These shoes and sandals have been approved by over 5000 Healthcare Professionals in the UK alone.Why is the correct footwear so important if you suffer from bunions?The right shoes can help to ensure that there will be no further deformation or damage.

The stretchable insert is softly padded which prevents severe pressure being placed upon the bunions, it adapts perfectly to the shape of each individual foot and the bunion visually disappears.

Sotline by Fidelio supply wide fit leather comfort sandals, in bright and attractive leather colours. Removable insoles allow for custom made orthotic insoles to be inserted on all styles. Softline use wide and deep lasts to allow the foot to be fully cradled and have enough space for lasting comfort.